The Appropriation of Women’s Day: trying to make sense of days that don’t belong to you.

Women’s month and women’s day to me feels a lot like every other month that has a holiday of sorts that advertisers and shops have stretched out to economically exploit because capitalism. So I’m not particularly a fan of it, but I appreciate that it spotlights issues we spend 365 days speaking about. Though I feel it is not an accurate representation. It is all very well being vigilant about gender inequalities, transphobia and femicide for 30 days, but what about the next and the next? The plight of women cannot be neatly wrapped up into 30 days.
I’ve been trying to make sense of this day and what it actually means when people keep wishing me a happy women’s day. I mean I don’t feel like I did anything worth celebrating. So I had this bright idea, in keeping with what Women’s Day actually means in this country, how and why it came about, throughout the course of this month till however long it spans it, I’m hoping to start a biographical series of posts that spolight the women who played a role in the anti-Apartheid struggle that we never hear about called #LostInTranslation. I’m hoping that by finding these women and sharing their stories with you, apart from reminding everybody who seems to have forgotten why we celebrate this day, I too will be learning about about them. So look out of that every 9th day of the month starting from next month because I don’t want to single out any one particular woman today because that would mean everybody else didn’t play a key role in the struggle and that would be inaccurate and hopefully once we understand what this day signifies in context to our past, we can start figuring out how to mould it to celebrate and address the issues we need to navigate as black women in present day South Africa.

So happy Women’s Day to these women and the lineage of women after them who carry forth the work they laid the foundation of.



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